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Proudly serving the Fitchburg, Massachusetts community, our methadone clinic provides adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates.

What is Group Therapy

What is Purpose of Group Therapy for Opioid Abuse?

Individuals who are struggling with the uphill battle of recovery must address and process the emotional, physical, psychological, and behavioral hurdles associated with their addictive behaviors. In order for treatment be effective, patients must obtain treatment for each of these factors. By including group therapy in a patient’s comprehensive treatment plan those grappling with opioid addictions can progress towards a life free from the abuse of substances.

Group therapy is a therapeutic tool that involves a counselor and multiple participants. Typically, sessions at Fitchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center will use one counselor during sessions, however some sessions may require the assistance of multiple counselors.

As is true with individual therapy, the goal of group therapy is to address the underlying  factors that may have contributed to an individual’s addictive behaviors in the first place. Since external factors such as low self-esteem and stress can often contribute to the development of an addiction, patients must learn how to manage these components without the aid of opioids. Once individuals understand what led them to abuse opioids in the first place, they are able to prepare for a recovered future.

The effectiveness of group sessions depends on the counselor who is leading the group as well as the individuals who are sharing their emotions and experiences. The following are the main goals and principles of group therapy:

  • Universality – Reducing the feelings of seclusion by emphasizing the commonality of emotions and experiences amongst members of the group
  • Self-understanding – Receiving insight into one’s own difficulties by listening to other members of the group share their experiences and feelings
  • Interpersonal learning – Being able to learn from the insights and experiences of other group members, while also being able to share one’s own insight and understandings.
  • Altruism – Experiencing the value of contributing to the betterment of the lives of others
  • Hope – Recognizing that other group members have overcome challenges that one may currently be experiencing
  • Information – Learning more about the disease of addiction as well as the process of recovery
  • Imitative behavior – Developing new techniques and strategies by noting the positive behaviors of the counselor and other members of the group
  • Cohesiveness – Experiencing a sense of fitting in and purpose by sharing the therapeutic experience with others
  • Catharsis – Feeling a sense of relief from embarrassment or other emotional pain by publicly discussing one’s challenges

Objectives for Group Therapy

Objectives of Group Therapy for Opioid Abuse

Fitchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center values the importance of group therapy in the treatment of opioid addictions. When patients utilize the tools and treatment provided by our team of dedicated counselors, individuals are able to prepare for a future that is substance-free. Group therapy provides patients with a safe and supportive environment in which to appropriately share their feelings and experiences.

Patients who wish to achieve lasting recovery must realize that there is not a quick fix to their addictive behaviors. However, when a comprehensive treatment approach is taken, individuals will be able to address the root causes of their addiction in order to safely progress towards lasting recovery.

Please contact Fitchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center today if you or someone you love would benefit from group therapy as well as the other treatment options that we offer.