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Fitchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center: Methadone & Suboxone Clinic

Welcome to the Fitchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center website. If you have come to this site, it is likely because you or someone you care for is in need of treatment that will help put an end to a troubling opioid addiction, and you are looking for the care that will make that happen during this trying time. We commend you for taking the necessary steps towards a life of recovery either for yourself or your loved one, and we are prepared to help in any way we can to make recovery a reality.

Attempting to defeat an addiction to prescription pain pills or heroin can be nearly impossible to do on one’s own and/or without the help of professionals. By choosing Fitchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center to start your journey towards recovery, you will be privy to the treatments and compassionate support needed to stop your opioid addiction in its track. Our staff of devoted professionals will walk you through the process so you can live a life that is no longer spoiled by opioid addiction.

Our top-notch medication assisted treatment is available for adults aged 18 and older, and involves a blend of both proven effective medication and therapeutic treatment modalities that have helped numerous individuals recover from opioid addictions. We pair our patients with the appropriate treatment options for their needs so that all facets of their addictions are addressed while obtaining our care. Our talented staff of professionals, which includes nurses, counselors, and doctors, goes above and beyond to ensure that patients reach all of their goals in treatment. Once participating in our medication assisted treatment programming, patients will begin to feel relief from the physical and emotional pain caused by opioid addictions that only Fitchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center can provide. To obtain more information about the medications we utilize, or to get on the phone with a member of our admissions team, please call us right now. At Fitchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center, a life of recovery is right around the corner.


Painkillers had destroyed my life, but going to Fitchburg Treatment Center helped me put things back together. This place gave me the opportunity to be happy and healthy again.